“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever
interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of
power and not truth.”




Lets not bury the words in memory. Certain words, that singed. And left a charred,yawning wound, rotting on the flesh. The bloody fibers emitting,  knife-like, sharp spasms . It will heal,like always. The deep scarlet will remain like a lone soldier on the fair flesh for a while and then it will turn a rusty brown, slowly hiding into the skin,as the days pass. Some find it best to inhume it all. I say, let the lone soldier last in our memories. Let him bask in the honor, he deserves for his bravery. Lets forgive and not forget. Lets not put everything to rest.

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We must slowly fade into each other’s past! No questions asked. The superfluity of sentiments will urge on to search for reasons. But what is the use. There is no need for a closure. We must be allowed to move-in and move-out of each others’ song, a phantom-like wisp,devoid of any physical reality. Just a floating abstraction lost in the lacuna between time and space . The last note of the dying song, as beautiful as it is, will echo for a while but it will finally have to wane into nothingness. And we will again reach a point for a beginning. That is how we preserve beauty of time. That is how we move on.

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I love your words that create a smoke screen around me. Your words, intentional and alive. Except one fine day, it will really stop mattering to me, conveying any significance as such. It is called the law of diminishing marginal utility. Everyday I will adore you a little less. Possibly. Till a point where my mind and my body will concurrently reject those inane bubbles. Maybe. And all I will be doing is wishing we had started off with so much more of that tender, ineffable passion that it took a much longer time to reach this zero.

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There is no one to write your story! Because your story never flows in the direction you want it to. Neither does it bask in the quality fit for fictional immortality. And therefore to reach the conclusion we deserve, we must dream. We must close our eyes and bestow upon the self all the perfections that ever existed in the social mind-set. We must pen a separate course of events and blur the gap between the real and the illusion. And who knows what’s real! May be the only time we really exist is in our imagination. The rest of the time we are pretty much somebody else’s imagination! Specially since we have little control over it. And therefore to knit it all well, stills of deaths and dreams, the white crisscrossing the black,we must close the eyes and dream.

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