I love your words that create a smoke screen around me. Your words, intentional and alive. Except one fine day, it will really stop mattering to me, conveying any significance as such. It is called the law of diminishing marginal utility. Everyday I will adore you a little less. Possibly. Till a point where my mind and my body will concurrently reject those inane bubbles. Maybe. And all I will be doing is wishing we had started off with so much more of that tender, ineffable passion that it took a much longer time to reach this zero.

Sohini from WordPress for BlackBerry.



  1. Zoso · November 15, 2012

    That’s the wonder of time on your mind, rather the wonder of your mind on time. Slow down.

  2. Zoso · November 15, 2012

    And also, don’t forget, a bubble only changes it shape when the inner pressure is larger than the outer or vice versa.

  3. sooohinisircar · November 15, 2012

    and it bursts if one is not careful with it!

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