Idle and Bored

The immensely disturbing situation currently, is being confined at home with so so many things to mug up,that simply go  whoooosh over your head. Simply lying around at home and doing nothing is one of those guilty indulgence that one can never resent. However having to go through something , that has been experienced so many times before is not exactly gratifying. But there is great peace in impermanence. One just needs to soothe the mind and convince it that this is the last time.And while one does it, one constantly thinks of all those weird things that one has never stopped doing. Heres few

  • i have a huge trouble in letting things go and currently i realize i am possibly a ‘hoarder’. Everything has a meaning for me.Give me a piece of paper with your name and i will save it too.
  • i am possibly a very insecure person. Possibly.
  • i am an appalling liar. Unless i am doing it with my mouth shut [sms/email], you will know.
  • the upside-down kiss from Spiderman 2 has always been my dream kiss, solely because of the difficulty attached with it.maybe  a thing for acrobatics ,who knows!
  • i love buying expensive things to get rid of unhappiness. it is like being worldly and vain, when not-being-so fails.
  • i am  a sore loser.
  • i like to take a deep long sleep when the world around threatens to fall apart.and assume everything will be normal the next never happens.but that has never stopped me from hoping.
  • there is no harm in playing a little game as long as no-one is getting hurt.
  • i cope with the world only by creating a fantasy world inside my mind.most will call that madness.i call that survival.
  • it takes me 2 minutes to love or hate a person.i am that extreme.

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