Lazy Woman’s Brownie in a Cup

True to the title of this post, this one really brings a big warm smile on your face as you spoon through a cup of rich  gooey chocolaty-ness. Such hassle-free comfort food makes me happy as it melts so well with the kind of person I am. Lazy to be precise. collageThe recipe is really very simple.All you need are the following-

  • Cocoa Powder -1 spoon
  • Flour- 2 spoon
  • baking powder- a pinch
  • butter- a tiny scoop with a spoon
  • condensed milk [you can also use milk and sugar separately but i found these easier]
  • warm water to dilute condensed milk and mixing it all smoothly without lumps
  • vanilla ice-cream
  • a drop of vanilla essence or rum [if you want] is required

Now mix it all in a microwave-proof Cup so that everything is in a smooth paste.Check on the consistency so that it is not very runny.Now microwave it for 30 sec and use a fork to check if it is cooked or not.Accordingly adjust time. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Things to try next:

  • Add chunky chocolate pieces in the batter
  • add nuts and whipped cream with some chocolate chips

ps: this is also the first dessert we cooked together!! XO XO ❤



  1. Zoso · July 15, 2013

    And it turned out to be amazing!!! ❤ ❤
    You are amazing at baking!

    Lots to experiment with too!

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  3. sooohinisircar · July 18, 2013


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