Shrimp Pasta


So one fine day, I had been intensely craving sea-food and a thorough investigation of the refrigerator yielded only a bag of shrimps and macaroni . And then and there I decided to make this super yummy dish, which is really healthy since it has no cheese and a lot of fresh greens and reds.


Pasta [I had only macaroni, but one should ideally use spaghetti]

Olive Oil – 2 tsp + butter – 1 tsp

Minced Garlic – 5-6 cloves

Tomato Puree + tomatoes

Pepper + Salt



Cooking – Pasta should be boiled for 7 – 10 mins and drained in cold water. Then the minced garlic should go into a pan of hot oil and butter. Ideal time for throwing in the shrimps. Sauteed for 3-5 mins the tomatoes and puree is added. This will see the formation of the sauce. Add little sugar to balance the flavor of the puree. Now some salt and pepper. Sauce will be simmered for 5 mins before adding the pasta. Lastly a generous sprinkling of chopped Parsley. And we are done.

P.S. When I made this the first time, my pasta and sauce ratio was not correct and the pasta soaked up most of the sauce. Therefore first time cooks have to keep it in mind that the sauce needs to be prepared in generous quantity.


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