Salvage II

Needless to say, the blogs I have authored for a while have died with my writing habit.What a fad it had been to write blogs in college, when none of us knew any better way to express, than this. But then a life started where you are expected to win your bread, and much of the previous need disappeared. Or may be I have become better with spoken words. A lot has happened since then, that i never sat down to chronicle. It felt easier to take a snap maybe and use a micro-blogging platform, faster, hassle-free – the philosophy of life we are all subscribing to, currently. But three days into the year 2015,a few job changes and a relationship-status change later, I am back to facing the question that had haunted me the very first time I was going through a phase of self-realization. What defines me? What am I all about? It was in college amidst a lot of internal turmoil I had sat down to pen my first thoughts in a blog. Once again I faced this query from myself today. And here I am trying to wander back to the point I had left it all.



  1. Zosooo · January 4, 2015

    Did you learn who you were after blogging in your college days?

    • sohinis · January 4, 2015

      Knowing self completely is a very difficult task!but I would keep myself calm and composed through a lot of ups and downs!

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