Chocolate Pudding


My comfort cushion. Period. It may or may not look like food-art but definitely tastes like one. Thing is when you are sleepy you just need a nice comfy bed. It doesn’t matter how beautifully decorated it is. But the best part is you can decorate this pudding to your liking when you serve to guests. My version can be made both in a microwave [3-4 mins] or on gas stoves. If you have guests coming over I advise you to add a lot of chopped strawberries, stacked on top of it and then a dollop of cream to do the trick. I however took this photo on a bored afternoon, during an intense craving for chocolatey delight.


  • 1/2 litre milk
  • 4 slices bread
  • Sugar
  • Cocoa Powder
  • 1/2 tea spoon Cornflour diluted in warm milk
  • Vanilla Essence


Warm milk in the microwave/gas. I prefer the former these days as it is hassle-free. Next in a tall jar for your mixer-grinder, pour this warm milk, bread, sugar,cocoa powder and cornflour and simply give it a good mixing. The paste formed will be slightly thick in consistency. Now you can put this back in a pan on the gas and try to thicken it. What I do is simply put it in microwave for 4 mins and let it lose the extra liquid. Take it out add the vanilla essence and slightly mix with a spoon. Next let it cool down and then straight into the fridge where it needs to chill overnight for the best taste and texture.

Add on: If you want a mud pudding, do add some butter and extra chocolate sauce into this mixture.

You can lightly add some chocolate chips after 3 mins in the microwave and then put it back in for 1 more minute.

For the best Christmas-y feel I add a good splash of rum into this pudding before chilling.

Never fails to satisfy me 🙂


Shrimp Pasta


So one fine day, I had been intensely craving sea-food and a thorough investigation of the refrigerator yielded only a bag of shrimps and macaroni . And then and there I decided to make this super yummy dish, which is really healthy since it has no cheese and a lot of fresh greens and reds.


Pasta [I had only macaroni, but one should ideally use spaghetti]

Olive Oil – 2 tsp + butter – 1 tsp

Minced Garlic – 5-6 cloves

Tomato Puree + tomatoes

Pepper + Salt



Cooking – Pasta should be boiled for 7 – 10 mins and drained in cold water. Then the minced garlic should go into a pan of hot oil and butter. Ideal time for throwing in the shrimps. Sauteed for 3-5 mins the tomatoes and puree is added. This will see the formation of the sauce. Add little sugar to balance the flavor of the puree. Now some salt and pepper. Sauce will be simmered for 5 mins before adding the pasta. Lastly a generous sprinkling of chopped Parsley. And we are done.

P.S. When I made this the first time, my pasta and sauce ratio was not correct and the pasta soaked up most of the sauce. Therefore first time cooks have to keep it in mind that the sauce needs to be prepared in generous quantity.


Say, the lamp of logic had been extinguished for a day, say rationality had to bid adieu, and all our senses were mired in a deep unique slumber. Would we still reach out with our feeble little fingers to trace a shape out of those blurry actions. Must there always be a justification for everything, that needs to sit perfectly like that bow-tie with the tuxedo ?Life is a ship-wreck, and you cannot take every item with you when you escape. And therefore you must pick and choose, those memories worth saving. This was not worth it. This did not deserve the precious cells to capture and keep forever. And therefore it was time to close your eyes and push it into the deep dark bosom of the ocean….

I think i knew well enough what i am getting myself into. I had closed my eyes and visualized every details of what is going to unfold in the coming few days. I thought hard, about my strengths, weaknesses and the decision seemed quite unbecoming of the type i am. And yet it did not stop me from hitting the button that was to end a long tiresome process. It might remain the colossal mistake of my life to the outside world, it might seem like a brave step to a few, it does not matter. I don’t have a back-up plan for the first time in my life and the thought makes me queasy. My future options when measured against a well-thought yardstick, fails to impress. So basically i need a miracle to happen. And we all know the chances of that. But i don’t regret anything. The past was in my control. Decisions were in my control. What makes me uneasy is the future. Because one cannot control that.

Quick microwave Chicken

This one was a quickie. I needed to try something fast and delicious on the microwave. I looked into the refrigerator for ingredients available and rustled up this chicken dish based on whatever i could find. It turned out pretty amazing.


  • Chicken
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Lemon
  • A spoon of honey
  • Pepper

Marinate chicken. Microwave for 15 mins.Check with a fork and adjust the time.What i found was the chicken was well cooked but looked too sallow.i missed a warm brown tinge that you get when you bake.Also there was too much juice in the pot.So i put it on a non stick pan and let the meet brown for 2-3 means and the juice to reduce.And it was done.Yummy.


Pasta Salad


Another Sunday . And a day too precious to be wasted. So far, in my student days Sundays were all about going out for movies,shopping,dinners etc. But now with a tight week-day schedule and work on Saturdays as well, most of the Sundays i am too tired or lazy to want to move.So we decided to order pizza and cook the side dish and dessert on our own.Cooking is a good stress buster they say…..

The Pasta Salad is pretty easy,however the original recipe i had read in a magazine won’t suit every taste bud.It has some sour element with quite a bit of garlicky heat.So we added honey in our version to tone it down. Here is my version of the recipe.

  1.  Pasta
  2.  Boiled vegetables like Capsicum,Broccoli,Mushroom,Baby corn
  3. Boiled Chicken if you want
  4. Garlic paste
  5. Mustard Paste
  6. Pinch of salt
  7. A spoon of oil
  8. Vinegar
  9. Honey

Use the garlic paste,mustard paste,salt,oil vinegar to make a smooth sauce.In a big bowl mix with the rest.Pour a little honey from top according to taste. And the healthy Pasta Salad is ready. And that is the best part about it. No butter,no cheese. However if you want a little less healthy version try the following:

Honey Mustard Mayo Sauce

Add mayonnaise mustard and honey together and add very little amount of garlic to it.Use this as your pasta sauce.

This went quite well with our olive cheese and chicken pizza.Very good for people who are trying to lose some weight.

Lazy Woman’s Brownie in a Cup

True to the title of this post, this one really brings a big warm smile on your face as you spoon through a cup of rich  gooey chocolaty-ness. Such hassle-free comfort food makes me happy as it melts so well with the kind of person I am. Lazy to be precise. collageThe recipe is really very simple.All you need are the following-

  • Cocoa Powder -1 spoon
  • Flour- 2 spoon
  • baking powder- a pinch
  • butter- a tiny scoop with a spoon
  • condensed milk [you can also use milk and sugar separately but i found these easier]
  • warm water to dilute condensed milk and mixing it all smoothly without lumps
  • vanilla ice-cream
  • a drop of vanilla essence or rum [if you want] is required

Now mix it all in a microwave-proof Cup so that everything is in a smooth paste.Check on the consistency so that it is not very runny.Now microwave it for 30 sec and use a fork to check if it is cooked or not.Accordingly adjust time. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Things to try next:

  • Add chunky chocolate pieces in the batter
  • add nuts and whipped cream with some chocolate chips

ps: this is also the first dessert we cooked together!! XO XO ❤